Catalyst is a full service capital markets consultancy dedicated to individually tailored solutions for each client.

We service these principal areas:

– Capital Markets Counsel

– Outreach/Marketing

– Communications

– Relationship Building

Our team’s experience enables us to deliver quality work in each area, but if there are any issues outside our focus, we leverage the skill sets within our Catalyst Advisor Network.

Capital Markets Counsel – Guiding your strategy & actions

Positioning & Valuation
Ensuring the right factors are being considered

Managing Investor Expectations

Reputation Management
Reputations slow to build and easy to damage

Crisis and M&A
Extensive experience dealing with any challenges that arise

Capital Markets Guidance
Harnessing the greatest possible support

CG Advisors
Proven professionals in a variety of complementary fields

Exit Strategy?
Where are you going and what makes the most sense long term.